Tattoo Aftercare

PDF icon Download the Higher Love Tattoo Aftercare Instructions (PDF)


Do not remove bandage for at least one hour but no more than four hours. Once the bandage is removed, do not cover again with any other type of bandage. The tattoo needs to be exposed to the air to heal.


With clean hands, remove the bandage and wash well.  First using warm water and letting it rinse over the tattoo for a minute or so. This will open the pores and allow fluids to be cleaned out of the tattoo. Wash the tattoo thoroughly with the gold liquid DIAL soap. Rinse the soap off with warm water. Finally rinse the tattoo again with cold water to close the pores. Laying a cold wet paper towel  on top of the tattoo a few times can replace the cold rinse if its more comfortable. Blot dry with a clean dry paper towel, and allow 10 min to air out before applying any tattoo aftercare products. This washing process will be done all the way through the tattoo healing.

The first night, after washing the tattoo, do not apply any aftercare products to it. Allow it to be open and free of any product so it can breathe and begin to heal properly .  Begin to apply tattoo aftercare product the following morning.


With clean hands, we recommend to use a pea size amount of AQUAPHOR and rub it into the tattoo just like lotion. Apply more if needed. If proper amount is used, the skin should be just barely shiny. If you apply too much, the excess can be blotted off with a clean dry paper towel. Wash and apply the Aquaphor 3 times daily. Keeping it moisturized will reduce the risk of fading as well as reducing scabbing and peeling. Do not touch your tattoo, or let anyone else touch it while it is healing, unless you are cleaning it. Always make sure to wash your hands before and after cleaning and applying Aquaphor to your tattoo.

Color Care

The tattoo may “bleed” pigment during the first few days of healing. This is normal. Depending on where your tattoo is on your body, you may want to put down a clean towel or wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little pigment on. This will help keep pigment off of your bedding. Do not allow pets in the bed while your tattoo is healing .

Swimming / Exposure to Water

Do not submerge your tattoo in the bath or hot tub or go swimming in any body of water for a minimum of two weeks. Also, do not expose your tattoo to beach sand, sunlight, tanning beds, or any other kind of uv light while it is healing. After your tattoo has healed, keep a high SPF sunblock on it any time it is going to be exposed to any kind of uv light to keep it from fading.

Higher Love Tattoo does not guarantee any work on the hands, finger, or anywhere below the ankles. Tattoos in those areas heal a bit differently. For foot tattoos, try to wear something that won’t rub the tattoo during the healing process.

Touch-ups, if needed, will be done at the discretion of the artist who did the tattoo.