Leah Marie

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Leah’s Work

About Leah Marie

Leah Marie, a Cincinnati native, grew up in the Fairfield area and currently resides on the westside of Cincinnati with her family.

She’s been drawing (presumably on things other than paper) since before she can remember. Her commitment to art began in her early teens when she started working with watercolors, oils, and digital painting. Her fascination with tattooing as an art form began when her friends started to get tattooed.

“Once I got my first tattoo and had a taste of the environment, I knew someday I’d be a tattooer myself.”

Shortly after completing her bachelors degree in Commercial Arts (Illustration), she started an apprenticeship at the shop where she got her first tattoo. Her training lasted about a year before she was thrown to the proverbial wolves and began tattooing professionally.

Some of the tattooers that she admires include: Teresa SharpeJustin HartmanAimee CornwellLynn AkuraJeff GogueKelly DotyDean KalcoffMiryam LumpiniJeff SnowCody EichJonathan PenchoffGia RoseLiz Cook, to name only a few.
Other non-tattoo artists she draws inspiration from are: Jennifer HealyLauren MarxTakato YamamotoAlphonse MuchaRockin Jelly Bean, Kaori Yuki, Jamie HewlettHeather McLean.

Leah enjoys tattooing black-and-white and full color equally, and her favorite styles to tattoo are: illustrative, neo-traditional, and realism.